Hear what happy residents and their families have to say about their experience at Complete Care.

“Thank you for all you do and thank you to your entire staff, volunteers, etc…

“Tomorrow is a year since my mom had her first stroke. I never would have believed she would never come back home from the hospital. I remember how scared my dad, brother and I were back then. This was the first of many difficult decisions in the past year, but I have to say the best one was to have my mom live at Complete Care! The staff is always willing to listen and help us and certain people really shine and love there job and it shows.

“Every day my dad visits my mom and every day he is greeted as if its his second home. He is known by name by most people and they really care for his well being and safety. Both of my parents are treated like family and not like a patient.

“Every question or concern we have is dealt with quickly and professionally as if it was a decision that person would make for their own family member. It is not easy being far away, however we are always kept up to date and we are always involved in any decisions for my mom which gives us peace.”


Thank you from the entire Gerety family!

Great Care

“My mom needed rehab care after a fall at home. The hospital made the arrangements in a short amount of time and I didn’t have the opportunity to check out Complete Care first. I was a little apprehensive since many of the reviews I was able to find were of the prior Green Acres management in control. I was pleased at the cleanliness of the room, the new management who was awesome and absolutely the best social worker! My mom enjoyed the meals, and still talks about Jason who sang to her. The location was convenient to continue to have her caregiver visit for continuity. Mom was anxious to go home but I know she misses her many new friends that took great care of her. Thanks everyone!”


Kate Connors Barbieri

“Since taking over Green Acres, improvements to the food and care have been made. We thought my mom was getting great care before, but Efraim has shown that Comfort Care will take Green Acres to the next level.”

Denise Moser

Asbury Park Press: Dying wish granted

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Thank You Carlo!

“Carlo was so helpful in caring for my grandfather! He was there multiple times and each time Carlo treated him so well! When a transport team was rude and impatient, Carlo made sure that my grandfather’s care was always the number one priority! My family thanks Carlo for everything he has done for us!”


Sam Szewczyk

"I have been in a lot of rehabs unfortunately, and I have never been treated with such professional care and respect...
“Even when I was a disgruntled patient they still put up with me, I leave here knowing that I have the knowledge and the tools that the therapists have provided for me. It is a very nice environment to go and exercise in. Everyone that I have worked with were good to me and I thank you for the care.”

Americo & Fiore

Dear Rivka and the Staff at Complete Care at Green Acres,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. They were bright and happy and lasted a long time! Thanks also for the kind words and support. It is much appreciated. Lastly, thanks for the care you are giving my mom. She is so fragile right now. You are all so upbeat and positive and she needs that encouragement.

Thank you so much!

Cathy Upton & Family

Dear Director of Nursing,

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for making my Mom’s last days on earth livable. And I also wanted to thank you all for letting her pass with peace and dignity.

“Madi and Pham brought Mom so much respect and joy in her miserable state, I truly cannot thank them enough. Mom kept telling me “Oh, Michael, these girls here are so sweet and nice to me. Even when I’m cranky. Even when I don’t feel good. They just smile and give me hugs and make me feel good! They are so beautiful, inside and out, one to the next. I’m so lucky. They are wonderful. They are like angels!” Mom said Madi treated her like she was her daughter and was gentle, kind, patient and understanding.

“I wanted to say thank you to everyone that was there for Mom at the end. Cathy told me of multiple people being there, staying there, praying and holding her hand. There are no words for my appreciation of that. One of Mom’s biggest fears was dying alone. So, from the bottom of my heavy heart, thank you all for that. 

“Thank you again, for all of your love and humanity.”

Michael Botiega

To Efraim Sigfried,

“These are comments about your employees who were very helpful during my stay at Green Acres.

“Ted Okosi was the best, he made sure I was prepared to walk with a walker and negotiate the steps. He maintained a schedule that enabled me to use the right leg. Excercise therapy helped me to gain motion of the leg and gave me confidence to walk and use the bathroom.

“I was so sorry my last two days of therapy Ted was not able to be present, but Jason followed Ted’s schedule and I was doing well with him for the last two days of my stay at Green Acres.

“Raychael was an excellent nurse coming in around 9PM. When she was on duty, she brought a smile and lit up the room with her nursing and social know-how. She gave me my nightly pills and wrapped the left foot so that I did not have to worry about nighttime problems with the blister. I would recommend Raychael for any duty at Green Acres. She is an excellent person as well as an excellent nurse in all ways.”

Audrey Painter

Dear Efraim,
I know this note is long overdue, but did not want anymore time to go by before I told you how much I appreciated the great care I received at Green Acres.
Asia, head of nursing, took me under her wing and made sure I was eating/drinking properly, especially when I was not feeling well. I found the PT and OT staffs to be very professional and caring.  Emily and Megan made sure I was up to housekeeping when I got home.  Alma, Jason, Dom, helped me tremendously to get back on my feet.  The nursing staff was great – I remember Jennifer, Denise, Richard. Forgive me If I do not recall everyone’s name. My excuse is that I was on drugs – smile!
I wish you great success in the administration of this 5-star facility, Efraim.  I miss your popping in every morn to say “good morning, Mary Ann.”

Mary Ann Raykovich

Efraim, Supervisor; Angelo, Manager;
Rehab Therapists:
Jed, Jason, Megan,
Emily, Lydia;
Amanda, Rachel,
Reeni, Jen,
and other dedicated people whose names I cannot recall, thank you for the “Complete Care” that you gave me during my stay at Green Acres.

June M. Reizer

Thank You!

“My mom just completed her rehab after a total knee replacement at Complete Care at Green Acres. The nursing team were wonderful-Carlos, Rachel, Nadine, Eric, Angelo, Reina-you are so compassionate, caring and patient! The rehab was remarkable. My mom came to Green Acres in significant pain and could not ambulate for than a few feet. She left 12 days later racing down the hallway in her walker!

Efraim and his team are always available to listen and try to accommodate date the individual needs of each patient.”

Carol Rae

Resident Review of Complete Care Green Acres

Please check out this lovely review from one of our residents, Mr. Welch.

Posted by Complete Care at Green Acres on Wednesday, August 15, 2018